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Jungle Park

The EAGLES - JUNGLE PARK (parque Aquilas)is a fantastic zoological and botanical park with than 75,000 m2 of forest, than 500 animals, crossed more by tunnels and suspension bridges, cascades, lagoons and caves, spectacles of flight altogether freedom of exotic birds and rapaces.

We propose an unforgettable experience to you that will allow to discover how flora and fauna occurs the hand to give form to an overwhelming ecosystem in the TENERIFE SOUTH. This theme park cannot be missed.


You can't miss our Bird of Prey Show, one of the best in the world. 

Also get to see the Sea Lion show, Crocodile, White Tiger, Jaguar, Puma, Leopards, Lions, Penguins, Meerkats, Raccoons and Reptiles.


how agile you are in our Jungle Raid adventure circuit, with a distance of over 300 metres, bridges, passages and tunnels. Here you can cross the jungle and have fun at the same time.



Opening Times

10.00 am–5:30 pm




Adult: 24.00 euros

Child: 17.00 euros (ages between 5-10)

Young Child: 8.00 euros (ages between 3-4)




Entrance with transport:


Adult:28.50 euros                                                    

Child: 21.50 euros    

Young Child: 12.50 euros


Contact us for transport details, the bus will be able to pick you up near your accommodation. (walking distance)




To make your reservation today and avoid the long queue at the park book with us and we will personally deliver your tickets to your accommodation. For further information contact us.