Go Karting Tenerife Club: A Perfect Window to Have A Wonderful Day With Your Family

Go Karting Tenerife Club: A Perfect Window to Have A Wonderful Day With Your Family

Go-karting is a must-do activity in Tenerife. Go-karting in Tenerife is a great outdoor activity for the whole family. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or driving a go kart for the first time, you’ll have a fantastic time karting in Tenerife. Do you have what it takes to post the quickest lap times? Discover the magnificent go-karting circuits anthat Tenerife has to offer, and have an incredible adventure with your friends at the Go Karting Tenerife Club in Cho, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Go Karting Tenerife Club is one of the finest karting tracks found in Tenerife. Its outdoor go-kart track is 1200-meters long and this go-kart course has everything you need to have a wonderful day! If you’re searching for a wonderful place to hold your next event, the Go Karting Tenerife Club is the place to be. So, find out whether you’re the greatest driver on your next visit, and start the race on this thrilling track.

Why Should You Choose Go Karting Tenerife Club for Go Karting in Tenerife?

Out of all the main Karting clubs in Tenerife, we have chosen Go karting Tenerife Club for you for the following reasons:

Open to All Ages

All ages are welcome at the Go karting Tenerife Club, so everyone may enjoy the sport’s fast thrills and exciting speeds. The whole family can have fun in the sun, vent off steam, and finally figure out who the true Schumacher in the pack is.  

An Exciting Outdoor Circuit

Test your grand prix prowess on Tenerife’s newest and greatest outdoor karting course. A 1200 meter adult track and a 250 meter junior track are available at the Go karting Tenerife Club. So, not only you but also your kids may enjoy this club’s circuit to the same extent as you.

Duokarts are available at Go Karting Club Tenerife

If you want to add a wonderful chapter to your parent-child book of memories, taking your child on a go-kart track at Tenerife’s greatest Go Karting Tenerife Club may provide you everything you could need to create the most beautiful chapter possible. Additionally, if your child is afraid to ride in a kart by themselves, Duo karts may provide them the opportunity to share a kart with their parents and still participate in a thrilling kart race while having the joys of reaching high speeds and tight turns.

Why Should You Prefer Outdoor Go Karting Circuits Over Indoor Circuits?

Outdoor Karting enables you to view some of Tenerife’s breathtaking surroundings. Additionally, you’ll be able to race much faster. Typically, outdoor circuits are longer than indoor ones. This enables you to go at the fastest possible speed as you’re going down long straights allowing you to reach up to 95 kph when driving karts like CRG Centurion which has 400 cc, 14 HP, 4 stroke engine. Allowing you to reach high speeds on outdoor courses like the one the Go Karting Tenerife Club has! 

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