Bob Diving

Explore the underwater world from a different perspective..  a unique and fun way to dive in our underwater scooters that boast excellent visibility! BOB stands for Breathing Observation Bubble. No previous diving experience is required and almost everyone can enjoy this activity. Observing life under the sea from your own eyes is an experience of a lifetime and an activity you may never get the chance to do again.

The BOB will be lowered into the sea then followed by the diver, you will need to duck underwater to fit your head into the bubble and sit on the scooter. This is a very easy process and inside you will be able to breathe like normal. The sea scooter is also easy to manoeuvre, you will be able to control your scooter and discover the Atlantic Ocean like never before. Don’t miss out on the fascinating marine life that lives in the Canary Islands, as well as the reefs and lava formations! 

You can take part in activity wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses. The required height is roughly 5ft tall and the minimum age is 10 years old and the maximum age is 75 year old. 


2 hour tour with 30 minutes underwater and photos included.



 Call Center: +44 7507670352

At the moment you can not book this excursion through us... coming soon

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